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                                         William (Billy) DeClemente

Bill won 4th place in the Country in the 1st ever Nat’l. Physical Fitness competition sponsored by the Marine Corp. He started Karate training in Queens N.Y. in 1962, Okinawan Shorin-Ryu the style founded by Shoshin Nagamine, Matsubayashi-Ryu in Tomari Village. He trained under Sensei Jimmy (Fitzy) Fitzgerald (a real life walking talking Jimmy Cagney) and Master Ansai Ushiro.
Currently Bill has been honored with a Ju-Dan 10th Degree Black Belt after 50 years of training and teaching with much streetwise experience growing up in N.Y. aka Gotham City. He has become an Int’l. renowned Martial Artist who’s teenage years and youthful likeness was the inspiration for the writer of the block buster movie that bears his U.S. Patent & Trademark name “The KarateKid” Reg.#1,513,099 Int’l CL:41, U.S. CL:107.
Bill has been a friend and trainer to both the famous and the infamous, he’s befriended many movie stars, sports figures, entertainment personalities and powerful government officials.
He is one of the fastest, most powerful Karate men in the world. His  back knuckle strike was calibrated by Ariel Hi-Teck Motion equipment at a speed of .06 of 100th of a second (watch CH-4 TV interview).
One Newspaper reporter who was accompanied by a photographer with a high speed shutter camera for a feature story tried to capture the technique on camera. The next day the headline read “Faster Than a Speeding ……” LOL
He has produced Instructional videos “The Karate Kid Training Video Vol-1 and Vol-2, “The Legal Weapon”. Chicago TV Show “Self-Defense to the Max!” and the documentary movie “Great Karate Inspirations” all now on YouTube.
A Vietnam Veteran with the 199th Light Infantry he has served as a tasked asset for the CIA Clandestine Operations over the years and while in the Military was part of the CIA 1966 first ever “Operation Nation of Islam” which was declassified in 2010, for which he was Congressionaly Awarded early discharge and “The National Defense Servive Medal”
Retired in Nov. 2001 immediately after 911 by the DoD (Department of Defense) for services rendered.
He has been a past V.P. for the:
*DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
*NARFE (National Association of Retired Federal Employees) 
*AFIO (Association Former Intelligence Officers) 
Lectured at U.S.F. (University of South Florida) 2014 to 2018 for the Intelligence Program where he brought in many high profile guest speakers from the CIA and worked with the CIA recruiters.

Bill has been guest speaker at many prestigious locations some listed below:

  • “SOCOM U.S. Special Operations Command Center” MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL
  • “FRONT SIGHT Firearms Training Institute” Pahrump, NV
  • “The Eden Roc Resort” Miami Beach, Florida
  • “The Jacob Javit’s Convention Center” N.Y.C., New York
  • “The Williams Island Resort” Aventura, Florida
  • “The Boca Raton Beach Resort” Palm Beach, Florida
  • “The Calhoun Resort” Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • “The Chavel Country Club” Tampa, Florida
  • “The Tanoan Country Club” Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • “U.S.F. (University of South Florida)” Tampa, Florida
  • Kiwanis Clubs; Rotary Clubs; Barnes & Nobles Book Stores